• Street Machine LSX Tuner Magazine #1
  • LSX Tuner #1

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    Issue #1 

    The very first Street Machine LSX Tuner is crammed with nine-brand new feature cars, heaps of tech, some mind-bending LS history and a hall of fame of the sweetest LS-powered cars to be featured in SM. Some of the highlights include:

    • Tekno Motorsport GTS versus R8
    • Matt Smoors’s stunning Magnuson-blown VK
    • Tuning guide from VCM Performance and HP-F
    • Eddy Tassone’s 1300hp daily driver
    • Harrop Engineering’s drool-worthy Z06 Corvette
    • Gary McRea’s LSX454-powered VR Senator
    • Tim Bailey’s Procharged VZ sleeper
    • LSX Race Engines 500-cubic inch monster!
    • LS engine swap guide
    • Magnuson Heartbeat fitment tech
    • The LS family tree, from LS1 to Gen V
    • Sump tech
    • Phil Genio’s LS1 turbo HR Holden