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    Unique Cars is the ultimate guide to classic and muscle cars from Australia and around the world, with stunning features, advice, market intelligence and hundreds of cars for sale.

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    We cover everything from once-humble family transport that’s become a classic through to the crazy, the rare and the super-desirable. Whether it's a million-dollar resto or a smart home build, you'll find stories that will entertain and inspire you. We also delve into the history of the world's most famous marques and monitor the market with real-world value guides.

    With a monthly print magazine, a thriving online community and a calendar of annual events, Unique Cars is part of the fabric of the Australian classic car scene.


    • Early online access to the latest issue

    • Browse over 6 years of back issues online

    • Access from any device: desktop, tablet or mobile

    • Get exclusive benefits and discounts

    • Help keep Aussie car culture thriving

    Delivery Information

    • You will receive a unique login and password with instructions on how to access the digital magazines

    • This will be provided via email

    • The email will be sent to you by the end of the next business day (usually sooner)

    • The digital version of the latest issue is made available to subscribers one week before it goes on sale in the shops.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is included with a subscription?

    Not only will you be supporting your favourite magazine and joining a family of car enthusiasts on our automotive journey, you will have the added convenience of receiving the mag delivered directly to your home every month.  As an added bonus, the print subscription comes with a free digital magazine subscription which provides access to the full archive of digital magazines dating back to 2015 ('Wheels' dates back to 1953!).

    What's included in the digital magazine archive?

    Digital magazine subscriptions provide access to the full archive of digital magazines dating back to 2015 ('Wheels' dates back to 1953!).  This complete archive is able to be searched via the search tool, opening up a database of information on the latest and older featured cars.  The digital magazines can also be printed out via the handy print function so that you can read it offline or have a poster of a photo featured in one of the articles.

    Will my new subscription be added to my existing one?

    If you are renewing an existing subscription, please tick the box saying ‘is this subscription a renewal?’ and provided you use the same address and contact information, your new subscription will automatically be matched to your existing one and take effect once your current subscription expires. 


    If your email address or delivery address has changed, please contact our support team to update those details and ensure we can match it to your existing subscription.

    Can I order a subscription as a gift?

    Yes, a magazine subscription makes a fantastic gift. When you place your order, you will be asked to enter a billing address and a delivery address. Please enter the details of the person you would like to give the subscription to in the delivery address. 


    Confirmation of the purchase (including the receipt) will be sent to the billing contact. Whereas the Magazines will be delivered directly to the recipient’s delivery address. 

    If I order a new subscription today, what issue will I receive?

    When you place an order for a new subscription, you will be asked if you want that subscription to begin from the current on-sale issue, or from the next issue.


    If you already bought the current issue, then you can select to start your subscription from the next issue. If not, we will send you the current on sale issue.

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